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Tibetan world most series Subject matterTibetan embroidery production plan
Hit2772Date2010-08-01 18:02:06

        Tibetan has a long history, Numerous classics literature. Our snow area plateau Tibetan ancestors in the long historical development in the process, Human civilization to make a unique contribution. In order to inherit, Rich and the development of outstanding national culture, Our company decided to make the most topics with Tibetan world production subject fine works with Tibetan embroidery works. Now all Tibetan areas within the scope of relevant experts invite scholar, set think,wide benefit, Complete selected topic and the script creation, And invite according to script content finish painting painters.

        Topic selection should cover the complete Tibetan history, with Tibetan creation and translated into Chinese. To ensure that the Chinese script with Tibetan as the degree requirements, Ask for script Chinese and Tibetan characters number were separate not a few 1500 words.

        Painting is used to hold concurrently traditional Tibetan thangkas forms and the han nationality traditional comic form of hybrid, requirements subject is outstanding, the rich content, distinct.

        The script and painting creation art to determine the compensation contract form .

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