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1:Tibetan culcter and arts palace in Xining.
Address:29# JIANGUO rord , GongMei building second floor ,east area of xining city in Qinghai.
Contact: Droma Kyeap
Phone:13709745700 , fax 0971-6105359
2, Bishwokarma Tibetan culture and arts palace IN GUI DE county
Address: museum on the first floor in GUI DE county.
Contact: Cai Rang Cuo 18909742166
3:Ebroidery of hall in GUI NAN county.
Address: culture propaganda center to the third floor in GUI NAN county.
Contact: Sang Mao 15209742099
Fax: 0974-8501655
4, The hall of Tibetan embroidery in Gong He county.
Address: 38#CHANG FENG rord QIA BU QIA town in GONG HE.
Contact: Ren Qing Cuo, A Cuo
Phone: 0974-8527599
5. Tibetan embroidery of hall Gan Nan state Xia He county in GAN SU province.
Address: TUN JIE road Sa La hostel the first floor in Xia He county.
Contact: Hua Dan Jian Cuo 13893986555.

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